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Published: 22nd January 2010
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An office move can be intimidating prospect, particularly if it is the first time that you have moved. It can feel that there is an unlimited number of considerations and decisions to keep in mind. However sitting down and planning a schedule of your office move can help you feel more in control, and give you clear goals to achieve. Here, we offer a template schedule that you can work with.

3-4 Months before you move- Decide on an overall budget for the move. If you have not already chosen a new office location start by looking round available buildings. Once you have found your new office decide whether to move your office possessions using an Office Removal Service, or without a company. If you decide to use a company, start to approach Office Removal Service and organise quotes. If moving without a removal service, you should start to research what equipment you will need, such as rental vans. Also choose from your staff a coordinator for the move, who will be responsible for organising all aspects of the move.

2 months before you move- Start to develop a floor plan of your new office space, and decide where you will keep your furniture and equipment in this new environment. You should also organise a schedule for the move. Start to make an inventory of your equipment, declaring any existing damage, and ordering any necessary equipment for your new office. Also organise insurance to cover yourself during the move.

1 month before you move- Send out letters to clients and fellow businesses informing them of your impending move. Update your website with this information. Start to organise your new office, for example arrange keys for staff. Also start to pack any office appliances that will not be used before you move, and send these to the new office.

2 weeks before you move- Organise staff and distribute among them a guide to the move, allowing them plenty of opportunity to raise any queries. Note which staff will be present on the day of the move, and which will not. Start to organise roles for the move, ensuring that possessions of staff not working on the day of the move will also be packed, and give out your new keys. Return any borrowed equipment.

1 day before you move- Pack up all your equipment and furniture, labelling everything to clearly state where in the new office it should be placed. Also label any boxes that need to be moved first. Ensure that anything not to be moved is separate.

The day that you move- Supervise the office movers, particularly the loading and unloading of your possessions. Clean your old office, and make sure all old keys are collected from staff. At the new office unpack boxes and unload furniture, arranging this according to your floor plan. Check that all electrical equipment is wired up properly and working. And maybe treat all the movers and helping staff to some food to celebrate your move.

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